Monthly Walk: February

The first walk looks as though it was a success with 15 people undertaking the 3 mile walk starting from the stepping stones in Bruton and walking up past the fish ponds to Hauser and Wirth car park then up the hill towards open farm land, then down towards the dam and finally walking along the river bank and back to the stepping stones. Everybody was chatting the whole way round and the distance and time went quickly. The next walk will be on March 2nd and will be interesting to see the difference to growth in the hedgerows. A short 17 minute video of the walk can be found on our Facebook page and also on our YouTube channel.

Hauser and Wirth Summer Party

The total donations from the Hauser and Wirth summer party were an amazing £7,485.83!!!

Many thanks to all visitors over the weekend for their generosity, and all the team at the gallery for their support and energy in making this happen – a wonderful annual event for Bruton, and the source of great things for Brue CREW

Please come to our Launch Event next Wednesday evening
At the Chapel to find out more about, and discuss, what we can all do for the Brue…

Hear the experiences of The Wild Trout Trust, and CATCH – Community Action to Transform Cale Habitat

Brue Crew Launch

Wednesday 26th July, 7:30 to 9:30 pm in the Clubroom At The Chapel.

Former Bruton resident Luke Kozak has walked our stretch of the River Brue, and he will present his advice on what we can do to restore its natural balance. We are grateful to the Environment Agency for funding the Wild Trout Trust to produce this Advisory Visit Report.

We have also invited representatives of Wincanton’s CATCH (Community Action to Transform the Cale Habitat) group to join our Launch and inspire us with their story.

Please do enthuse your friends, families and neighbours to come along on the launch evening and find out how much fun we can all have “messing about on the river” Brue.