Reporting Pollution Incidents to The Environment Agency

Report  any pollution incidents to the environment agency hotline on 0800 807060. This can be done anonymously if there is concern about being identified. The Environment Management teams may not have resource to respond to every report, but if it is reported every time it is seen then it will build a record of what is happening and how often. If it is regular the EM teams will get round to it. 

Whilst there is no need  to report the incident to the Bruecrew a simple email to ” “will keep them in the knowledge loop. If the discharge is a regular occurrence it will show in the scores of the normal samples taken by the Bruecrew teams at their various monitoring points. If it is happening whilst you’re there then please call it in and if possible take a photo. Otherwise  call the EA hotline and the EM teams will do their best to respond. It is better that ARMI groups do not start responding to reports of pollution as if it is a serious pollution it is better that sites are left undisturbed in case EA teams need to collect evidence which may lead to prosecution. This also avoids the risk of any confrontations with those rightly or wrongly thought to be responsible.